U.S. Enlisted and NCOs Sack Coat (Union)
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  U.S. Enlisted and NCOs Sack Coat (Union)
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American Civil War Uniforms
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For fatigue duty, Civil War Union soldiers were issued a fatigue blouse, referred to as a Sack Coat or Sackcoat. Most sack coats were unlined, however regulations do call for a "Recruit Coat" to be lined. Judging from available records, the lined sack coat appears to have been quite rare. The unlined Sack Coat has a roll type collar and a kidney shaped left inside breast pocket. The lined Sack Coat also has a roll collar and an inside horizontal inside left breast pocket. Standard length is about halfway between the hip and knee. It has four (4) medium sized Union Eagle buttons and split cuffs.

Size: 36-56



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